ABS for E-Bikes with rollover protection

  • Lean-angle detection and roll over protection
  • Shorter braking distances and thus fewer accidents
  • Available as front and rear wheel combo or front wheel only
  • Ø 32mm, Length 75mm
  • Low weight of only 250 g per wheel
  • Electronic and sensors fully integrated
  • Integrable into common diagnostic tools
  • Mountable anywhere on the bike


Safe braking even at high speeds

Increased riding pleasure by increasing safety. With our
fully integrated e-bike anti-lock braking system (ABS), we make emergency stopping a sure thing!

NOW NEW: Our E-Bike ABS is generally compatible with high-pressure brake systems (not only in combination with our BFO H2O brake)!

ABS on your bike. Why?

The flourishing e-bike market gives also unskilled riders the opportunity to reach higher speeds than ever before. Therefore, e-bikes are incredibly fun to ride. But only experienced riders can truly be certain that they could bring a fast-moving bike to a stop on a wet or slippery surface. The solution is our newly developed ABS system. ABS systems have been used in cars and motorcycles for years, but ours for E-Bikes is based on a completely new functional principle.

A quick look at how it works

The ABS algorithm uses a combination of different sensors to quickly detect when one of the wheels threatens to lock up, or whether the rear wheel might lift off the ground because of overbraking on the front wheel. When it detects either of these situations, the ABS actuator disengages the hydraulic connection between the brake lever and calliper, and then regulates the braking pressure automatically. The actuator works so fast that it responds as soon as it recognises a wheel is going to lock up, before the fact, and not after the wheel has already locked up. This guarantees safer braking performance even in turns.

Pictures of the EUROBIKE 2017



Image courtesy of Singletrack Magazine


Image courtesy of Singletrack Magazine