Expertise in innovation, prototype and small series


BFO, headquartered in Tübingen, Germany, offers not only innovative brakes, but also designs and develops light electric vehicles. BFO offers a comprehensive solution from one source, beginning with product management and definition of a vehicle, then moving onto design, FEM calculation and software and hardware development via the construction of prototypes, trials and safeguarding to the creation of production documents for volume production.

At the Mühlacker location, anything is possible thanks to their huge range of machinery. Thus prototypes for one-off products can be produced quickly and small volume production can be achieved. Expertise in electrics and electronics has been augmented by engaging specialists to develop components in compliance with automotive standards. BFO has thus established itself as a development partner of the bike and automotive industry, particularly in the field of e-micromobility. BFO provides an innovative and creative team so that products of the highest standard of quality can be placed on the market successfully in this growing vehicle segment.