Strong Alliance for Innovative Electrified Micromobility – Systems supplier ZF establishes joint venture with Magura, BrakeForceOne and Unicorn Energy – ZF develops electric drive solutions

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NEW: Our electric kick scooter Flynn

BFO H2O Disc Brake


Our BFO H2O uses the advantages of water as nature offers it – high environmental friendliness and no oil spillage in the event of a fall. Also, because of its higher heat capacity and lower thermal expansion, water maintains a more constant volume when heated by the brakes. Furthermore, the one fifth glycol component keeps the brakes working perfectly in winter. Whether you’re crossing the Alps or you go out for an evening ride – the integrated brake booster applies a brake force previously only known from 4-piston brakes.

Advantages of our H2O:

  • User-friendly and eco-friendly brake medium
  • High brake force thanks to integrated brake booster
  • Thin brake lines and tool-free mounting
  • 20% glycol content to prevent freezing
  • Available with 1-finger or 2-finger brake levers


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