BrakeForceOne - Simply more power


Technical innovations

  • Sensitive response characteristics and defined pressure point thanks to transparent cables with large interior diameter
  • Lower hand force when engaging the brake pads thanks to weaker spring and revised turned parts in the handle
  • New cable nozzles enable easier cutting of the cablesLess rigid inclination due to coated seals on the master piston
  • Simple bleeding because oil is visible in the cables

Disc Brake with Integrated hydraulic booster

Our unique braking technology has recently been put through a series of grueling tests by Europe’s leading dynamometer testing and certification facility, Velotech, Germany), with Brakeforce One out- performing all the other leading brands of hydraulic disc brakes.

BrakeForce One’s superior features include:

  • One finger braking with minimal effort that delivers maximum braking power.
  • Greater stopping power than any other brake on the market.
  • No more grinding and squeaking brakes as the pads are actively retracted to create a true air gap (adjustment of clearance at the dial on the brake lever).
  • Maintenance-free closed system without brake fluid reservoir prevents pressure point from shifting after long idle periods.
  • Advanced ergonomics: one finger controls brake lever while the others grip the handlebar giving far greater control of the bike.
  • Mountable on all MTB brands built from 2000 on.
  • Innovative design

Danny MacAskill Danny MacAskill at our booth at the EUROBIKE

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