BrakeForceOne develops ABS for ebikes


The flourishing ebike market gives also unskilled riders the opportunity to reach higher speeds than ever before. Since the foundation of BrakeForceOne we are anxious to provide a safety feature by offering more braking power combined with lower manual force for our customers. However, a lot of riding experience is still essential to achieve the ideal stopping distance during a emergency braking on wet and slippery subsoils.

The solution is our newly developed ABS system. ABS systems have been used in cars and motorcycles for years, but ours is based on a completely new functional principle, which decreases weight and dimension considerably (diameter = 32mm, length = 75mm, weight = 280g per brake).


These small dimensions can be lead back to our patented brake booster, which is able to decrease the braking pressure up to 25 bar. Thereby the ABS is exclusively compatible with our in-house BFO H2O. The electrical power supply takes place via the battery of the ebike. The electronics that are necessary to operate the system are completely imbedded into the actuator, which can be positioned anywhere between the brake lever and the caliper.

The functional principle of the ABS system is based on a algorithm that, in combination with several sensors, is able to detect if one of the wheels is locked or rather if in the event of overbraking the back wheel is lifted up. In this case the actuator separates the hydraulic connection between brake lever and caliper and regulates the brake pressure by itself. This way it is able to react so fast that it can take action once the wheel is threatened to lock and asure a safe deceleration in turns.